Periculum Technology & Consulting Services was established with the aim of being a quality technology consulting and software services provider company. With an inherent strength in Enterprise Solution Development & Risk Management, the Company focuses on these two streams either separately or jointly based on the context.

Periculum’s consulting, product and application development canvas has a diverse spread. We have come out with a list of products in the following areas:-

Enterprise Risk Solutions

  • DocClassPro® – It enables Organizations to ensure strong implementation of Document Classification policy and creates visibility of Document holding within the Enterprise
  • SecureLiteOffice – A light weight portable office kit that facilitates users to log into their mail from remote locations using minimum technology infrastructure that exists at these premises with a small OS footprint.
  • BusinessBuoy - A web based product that address all major business continuity requirement of an organization. Key modules include Know Your Organization, Risk Assessment , Impact Analysis, Recovery Planning and Incident Management

Inventory & Accounting Solutions

  • BizAncor:- A low cost inventory ERP deployed on the Cloud. Addresses problems of mid-sized companies who would not want to invest on in-house IT Infrastructure.
  • BizAnalytics: An Analytics overlay on BizAncor. Addresses various senior management queries that helps them in decision making.

Based on our deep functional domain knowledge , our diverse technical capability and our past experience in handling big-data, Periculum team is uniquely poised to offer its clients customized Analytics solution. We also provide training & consulting for specific verticals.

The company is promoted by a team of professionals from varied fields - Military, Government and Corporate Sector who have extensive experience in Technology, Security, Risk, Education and Child Welfare. The organization's impetus is on maintaining a knowledge pool that is current, able to adapt to the dynamics of an external environment beyond our control and above all visualize –what tomorrow has in store.


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